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Come on down for all day dining to Sweet Mother’s Kitchen at 5 Courtenay Place, Wellington.

With home-style cookin', Sweet Mother’s Kitchen draws on influences from New Orleans with Cajun and Creole dishes plus Mexican snack food. All day breakfast (till 5pm) on Saturday and Sunday. We serve Supreme coffee free range eggs, corn-fed chicken and free-range pork. Sweet Mother's Kitchen is fully licensed - with a selection of wines and a variety of Mexican beer and a growing selection of New Zealand craft beers. Our cocktail list is inspired by drinks of New Orleans and there is a selection of juices, soft drinks and milkshakes for all.

 Located at 5 Courtenay Place, Wellington, New Zealand- Embassy end of Courtenay Place


The kitchen is open -Sun- Thur 8am-10.30-ish pm,  Fri-Sat 8am-late.

 We do not take any evening or week-end bookings

We run a 'first come first served' waiting list for walk ins on busy nights, whereby we can take a mobile number  and give you a call when your table becomes available, if there is no room at the bar

During weekday hours 8am to 5pm we take bookings for  groups of  8 or more 

We do not take any bookings or food orders on line

We accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards

Public holiday information

Open- Good Friday 25th March- with 15% surcharge

Closed- Easter Monday 28th March

Takeaways available phone (04) 385 4444



Disclaimer- It may occur that the information on the menu here is not exactly the same as on the menus in the restaurant. We appologise for any inconvenience or disappointment this may occur. We do our best but aren't perfect. 



Served 8.00 am-11.30 week days. All day on weekends

Toast & Spreads Baguette, sourdough or gluten-free $5.5
Beignets (Ben- YAY) Delicious, New Orleans donut dusted in icing sugar. Great eaten with a coffee to dunk in! Served all day. $5                   
Muesli Homemade muesli with berry compote and yogurt $10.5
Waffles Berry compote, ricotta &  syrup $16
  Fried chicken & syrup $17
  Two plain waffles & syrup $10
Eggs Two free-range eggs (fried, poached or scrambled) with organic sourdough toast $10
Bacon and eggs Two free-range eggs (fried, poached or scrambled) & bacon. With organic sourdough toast $15
Pain Perdu  New Orleans style french toast with praline bacon & syrup $15.5
Eggsadu GF Delicious scramble with mild green chillis, sheese, enchilada sauce and tortilla chips. Served with corn tortillas triangles, sour cream and salsa $14.5
Eggs Bomba Creamed spinach, artichoke, grilled tomato, poached egg, topped with hollandaise and served with toasted baguette $15.5
Eggs Herbert Creamed spinach, artichoke, pan fried fish, poached egg, topped with hollandaise, with toasted baguette $17.5
Flossy’s Favourite Potato hash, black beans, mushrooms, eggs (fried, poached or scarmbled), topped with hollandaise, With toasted organic sourdough $18
Big J’s Breakfast Potato hash, red beans (cooked traditional style with a ham hock), sausages, bacon, eggs (fried, poached or scrambled), hollandaise. On toasted organic sourdough $20.5
Mushrooms on toast Creamy mushroom caps on baguette, sourdough or gluten-free toast $14
Huevos Rancheros Corn tortillas covered in black beans, melted cheese, fried eggs topped with guacamole and salsa $14.5
Breakfast Burrito Basic: Large tortilla wrapped up and filled with scrambled eggs, black beans and melted cheese. Served with salsa and guacamole $12.5
  Add extras inside: potato hash, SMK's home made spicy sausage, bacon $2.5 each
Breakfast Po Boy sandwiches Bacon and fried egg in toasted baguette $7
  Egg, cheese and tomato $6
The ‘all in one' Sausage, bacon, egg, tomato and hollandaise $13
SIDES & EXTRAS: $5 each sausage. bacon. mushrooms, chilli beef beans, creamed spinach, potato hash, red beans  
  $4 each Bback beans, guacamole  
  $2.5 each free range egg, piece of toast & butter  
$1.5 each hollandaise. salsa. sour cream  

*Sausage is gluten free made by Eastbourne Village Meats. Bread from Leeds bakery

Served 11.30am till late

Po Boys

A New Orleans style sandwich built with our specially made baguette, toasted and dressed with lettuce, tomato and Creole mayonnaise.(Unless states otherwise)

Fish  Creole spiced, cornmeal coated Tarakihi fish (G’s all time favourite) $12.5
Prawn Creole spiced, cornmeal coated prawns $11
BBQ chicken Grilled chicken breast cooked in SMK's BBQ sauce $11
Dan boy Grilled seasoned tempeh with beetroot, lettuce, tomato & chipotle mayo $11
Cuban  Slow cooked pulled pork, ham, swiss cheese & pickles. Pressed and toasted $12.5
Roast beef Slow cooked beef with debris gravy $11
Pulled pork  Slow cooked pulled pork roast with coleslaw $11
Jerk chicken Chicken breast pieces with slaw, pickles & jalapenos $12.5
  We have on-going Po boy specials  
Big Easy Beef pattie, caramalised onion, cheese, fried pickle, bbq sauce + regular burger fixings $16
Muffuletta Olive & pickled veg salad, grilled artichoke, capsicum, eggplant, mozzarella + Chipotle aioli $15
  Add ham $17

Tacos GF

 Two soft corn tortillas with fillings

Beef Spicy grilled beef with lettuce, SMK salsa and guacamole $12
Chicken Spiced chicken breast pieces with lettuce, SMK salsa and guacamole $12
Vegetarian SMK black beans and crumbled feta with lettuce, SMK salsa and guacamole $10.5
Fish Tarakihi fish with shredded cabbage, chipotle mayo, coriander & lime $13.5


A Mexican style toasted sandwich made with flour tortillas served with SMK’s salsa and guacamole.

Mushroom Caramalised onion, goats cheese & thyme One time $11 Double deal $16.5
Chipotle Chicken Shredded chicken in a chipotle tomato sauce and cheese One time $13 Double deal $18.5
Beef Slow cooked pulled beef with caramalised onion & cheese One time  $11 Double deal $16.5

 Nachos GF

Spicy chili bean & beef  Topped with sour cream and SMK’s salsa  $14.5
Black beans Topped with sour cream and SMK’s salsa $13



Chuckles curly fries

Seasoned curly fries served with Creole aioli served in a basket $7


 Flour tortillas filled with grilled onion and capsicum fajita mix, lettuce, sour cream, cheese and our Mexican style brown rice.

Beef  Seared strips of marinated beef $15
Chicken Seared strips of Achiote spiced chicken breast strips $15
Pork Slow cooked pork in spicy juices $15
Triple H  Fried chicken with coleslaw, sour cream, cheese & Louisiana cocktail sauce $16
Mushroom Smokey Portobello mushrooms and tempeh $15


Takeaways available


Small Beginnings || The Real Deal

                            Small Beginnings

Served 11 am till late, week days

Chuckles Curly Fries SMK's famous curly fries with Creole mayo $7

Swamp Dip

A heated spinach and artichoke cheesy dip, served with toasted baguette or corn chips


SMK Cornbread GF Southern Soul food smothered in melting butter… $4
Hush Puppies GF Cornmeal nuggets with corn kernels, onion, and jalapenos Served with Louisiana cocktail sauce  & Mississippi comecack sauce $11
Hastie’s Hot Wings  Spicy chicken wings with blue cheese sauce and celery sticks $13.5
Corn Chips With salsa and guacamole  $7.5
Tarakihi Ceviche Lime, orange & lemon marinated fish with peppers, tomato, onion & coriander. With corn chips and coriander crema  GF $16



Served with your choice of dressing: Honey mustard, chipotle mayo or green goddess

Blossom’s grilled chicken GF Mesclun salad greens, red onion, tomato, spicy pumpkin seeds and crispy tortilla strips --with lightly spiced grilled strips of chicken breast 


  - with spiced grilled Tarakihi $15.5
Mother knows best (Vegetarian) GF Mesclun salad greens, red onion, tomato, spicy pumpkin seeds and crispy tortilla strips, with grilled tempeh, beetroot and feta cheese $13.5

Straight to the Source

 Seafood Chowder Scallops, mussels, shrimp & fish in a smooth, creamy soup  $14.5
Gumbo  Traditional South Louisiana, brown roux soup with chicken & Andouille sausage, served with rice $16.5
Prawn Monica Based on a favourite dish from the N’ awlins Jazz Festival. Spiral pasta and prawns in a smooth, creamy sauce made with the ‘Trinity" (green capsicum, onion and celery)-the base of many a New Orleans dish- garlic, and a hint of Creole spice $20.5
Jambalaya Chicken, prawn and Andouille sausage combined with a Creole tomato sauce to make this famous Louisiana dish $23
Fried Chicken Buttermilk soaked fried chicken strips with curly fries, coleslaw & Mississippi comeback sauce $17.5
The "Moose" The ultimate in comfort food made with gruyere cheese and a hint of truffle oil  $13.5
Enchiladas GF Two corn tortillas filled with creamy mushroom, roast pumpkin & green chilli. Smothered in tomato sauce & grilled with cheese. Served with Mexican brown rice and salad greens $17.5
Freddy's Eggplant Bake GF Eggplant layered with fresh basil, Mozzarella & Parmesan cheese baked in a tomato-based sauce. Served with Green Goddess dressed salad $20




The Real Deal

Served 11 am till late week days. 5 pm to late Sat & Sun

All of the following mains come with a choice of two sides

Steak Jenkins 250g grilled rib-eye with garlic butter  $27.50
One fish  Cajun Blackened Fish Market fish coated in our Cajun seasoning, pan fried and served with a Remoulade sauce POA
Two Fish Parmesan & cornmeal crusted fish + lemon POA
Three Fish  Captain Burtle’s Pan Fried Fillets cooked in olive oil and butter  POA
'Send it' Jerk Chicken  Chicken breast tenderised in Carribbean spiced marinade with a hint of rum, then coated in a house-made jerk rub and grilled $26
‘Boom Boom’ BBQ Chicken  Grilled chicken breast basted with SMK’s homemade BBQ sauce $26
Baby Back Ribs  Tender, hickory smoked, lip smacking ribs, smothered in SMK’s BBQ sauce $27

The Sides

Rice and red beans (Traditional style beans, slow cooked with a ham hock)
Rice and black beans (vegetarian) | Creamed spinach
Mushrooms | Potato hash
Curly Fries | Mesclun salad greens
Steamed seasonal vegetables | Coleslaw
Hush puppies | Bourbon mash

Order sides on their own $5 each except curly fries $7

Build your own plate made up of sides

   Sweet Things

Bananas Foster  A New Orleans favourite. Bananas sautéed in a caramel sauce flambéed in white rum and banana liquor served with vanilla ice cream  $10.25

Homemade Pies Check with wait staff on availability. Served with cream or yogurt.  Ice cream $2 extra

Apple pie Just like your sweet mother used to make. $8.5
Pecan and bourbon pie  Deliciously sticky pie with a hint of Bourbon, laden with pecans  $8.5
Peanut putter pie  A chocolate cookie crust with a chilled, whipped peanut butter filling  $8.5
Rhubarb & strawberry streusel  Delicious fruit baked in a pie with a crumble like topping $8.5
Key lime pie Crumb base with sweet, lime mousse-like filling  $8.5
Banana cream pie  A pie crust lined with banana slices & topped with a delicate homemade custard  $8.5
Macaroon & chocolate mousse  Coconut shell with luscious chocolate filling GF $8.5

Check out the counter for more sweet treats!

Katie’s Combo  Basket of curly fries with battered chicken or fish bites $10.5
Sarah’s Big Hair Nachos Black bean, cheese & sour cream nachos small-fry size $10
Annie’s Chook & Cheese Po Boy BBQ chicken and cheese in a baguette $6
Oh my Josh Cheese Ke-sah-dee-uh Plain cheese toasted tortilla sandwich $5